Whole30 week 3 recap

I’m well over half way of my first Whole30 program and all is looking fine. I have less than 10 days to go and then come the 10 days of reintroduction period. I hope, I will not see that I have a huge problem with dairy and grains because I am starting to miss them a bit. This past week was nothing special, I stuck to the plan and tried to decrease the snacking, which did not always work (mostly it did not), but I am trying. I have a feeling that my skin is breaking out less than normally, and I am less bloated which is definitely a good sign. I still don’t see any differences in energy levels and find my workouts tougher than normally. 
As far as sticking to the plan goes, I don’t have problems with that and there is also no trace of any kind of cravings, which is very helpful. I do miss some healthy grains and beans to add to my plate to fill up, because I don’t like eating so much meat. And I am running out of ideas how to make eggs interesting. I’m lucky I like eggs because otherwise I would most certainly suffer. It’s still not that bad because I’m not really dreading for the program to end, I mean how could I, when my meals look so colorful and healthy… 

Sem krepko čez polovico mojega prvega Whole30 programa in vse poteka brez težav. Do konca je manj kot 10 dni, potem pa me čaka 10 dnevno obdobje uvajanja trenutno perpovedane hrane. Upam, da se ne bo pokazalo, da sem občutljiva na mlečne izdelke in žitarice, saj jih začenjam malo pogrešati. Pretekli teden je bil dokaj dolgočasen, programu sem brez težav sledila in poskušala ukiniti popoldansko malico, kar pa ni bilo vedno uspešno. Občutek imam, da se je koža malo sčistila in vsekakor opažam, da se manj napihnjena, kar je odličen znak. Ne vidim pa nobenih sprememb v nivoju energije in vadba je še kar bolj naporna kot ponavadi. 
Kar se tiče sledenja programu, nimam s tem nobenih problemov. Prav tako nimam nobenih posebnih želj po ‘prepovedani’ hrani, kar vsekakor pomaga. Pogrešam kakšno žitarico in stročnico kot dodatek k obroku in nadomestek živalskim beljakovinam, saj ne maram jesti toliko mesa. In zmanjkuje mi domišljije pri pripravi jajc. Srečo imam, da so mi jajca dobra, saj bi sicer zelo trpela. Kljub temu pa vse skupaj ni tako slabo in zaenkrat še ne odštevam dnevov do konca, zakaj pa bi, če pa so moji obroki tako barviti in zdravi...

Day 15
“I’m over half way!” This day marks the halfway point of my Whole30 journey. I can’t believe how easy everything was up until now. Once I internalized all the rules, preparing my meals has not been that difficult. I sometimes miss “quick fixes” when I really don’t feel like cleaning the veggies for the salad for dinner or when I want something that takes 1 min to prepare in the morning. Apart from the “lazy factor” there are no other struggles. 
Breakfast: banana and coconut scrambled eggs topped with blueberries, strawberries and cahsew butter, coffee.
Lunch: zoodles with homemade bolognese sauce, some black olives, cherries. 
Dinner: salad with greens and carrots with guacamole as a dressing, a small piece of pork steak, baked portobello mushroom with egg, cherries.
Snack: kept it to a minimum and only had 1 appricot.

Dan 15 “Sem na polovici!” Ta dan pomeni, da sem na polovici mojega Whole30 izziva. Ne morem verjet, kako enostavno je do sedaj vse skupaj potekalo. Ko sem ponotranjila vsa pravila, je postala priprava obrokov precej enostavna. Občasno pogrešam “hitre rešitve”, ko se mi ne da očistiti zelenjave za solato za večerjo ali ko bi rada za pripravo zajtrka porabila le 1 minuto. Poleg “lenobe”, nimam nobenih drugih težav. 
Zajtrk: umešana jajca z banano in kokosovo moko, borovnice, jagode in maslo iz indijskih oreščkov, kava.
Kosilo: bučkini rezanci z omako bolognese, črne olive, češnje.
Večerja: mešana solata s korenjem, guakamolejem kot prelivom, majhen košček svinjskega zrezka, pečen kukmak z jajcem, češnje.
Malica: marelica.

Day 16
“Where is this headache coming from?” I’m a bit tired of all the headaches, I again had a huge one in the afternoon, it was almost unbearable. I can’t connect it to any food triggers and I really don’t think it was from too little food. It’s annoying and I hope they don’t appear too often.
Breakfast: bacon, omelette with spinach, cherry tomatoes, 1/2 apple with almond butter, some nuts, coffee.
Lunch: pork steak and mashed potatoes with caramelized bacon and zucchini, appricots. 
Dinner: crab and salmon salad with carrots and pickles on lettuce, hard boiled eggs, guacamole.
Snack: a couple of coconut flakes.

Dan 16 “Od kod je prišel ta glavobol?!” Počasi mi gredo ti nenadni glavoboli malo na živce, popoldne sem spet imela enega groznega. Ne najdem nobenih povezav z dotično hrano in res dvomim, da je bil vzrok premalo hrane. Res je nadležno in upam, da se ne bodo pojavljali prepogosto.
Zajtrk: slanina, omleta s špinačo, češnjevi paradižniki, 1/2 jabolka z mandljevim maslom, nekaj oreščkov, kava.
Kosilo: svinjski zrezek in tenstan krompir s sladko čebulo in bučkami, marelice.
Večerja: solata iz rakovičjega mesa in lososa s korenjem in kislimi kumaricami, trdo kuhano jajce, guakamole.
Malica: nekaj kokosovih kosmičev.

Day 17
“The canteen at work screwd me!” There’s this canteen where we go every day at work to lunch. I normally always bring my own food, but we always go there to eat it. Their meals are not compliant with Whole30, but they also have a grill, where you can pick your meat and you get it with a salad and fries. So on Friday I didn’t have anything with me because I counted on that. And the only time that I didn’t have my food with me, the grill was, of course, closed and I was left with just salad without any protein or anything to fill me up. I was a bit annoyed and dissapointed. Afterwards I went to the store to get some prosciutto to eat a couple of slices as a snack, because I am not a girl that can survive on some lettuce leaves for lunch.
Breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado, banana, coffee.
Lunch: salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and black olives.
Dinner: salad with lettuce, carrots, radishes, cucumbers with mayo, some olives, hard boiled egg, a couple of slices of prosciutto and mortadella (all the listed ingredients are compliant, say whaaat!? Also, are only Italian deli meats without any bad ingredients here in Belgium?).
Snack: 3 prosciutto slices, apple.

Dan 17 “Menza v službi me je zavfrknila!” V službi imamo menzo, kamor se vsak dan odpravimo na kosilo. Jaz ponavadi prinesem svojo hrano, a se z družbo vedno odpravimo tja. Obroki v menzi niso v skladu s pravili Whole30 programa, je pa na voljo tudi jed z žara, kjer si lahko izbereš vrsto mesa in le-tega dobiš s solato in pomfrijem. V petek sem tako računala na zrezek na žaru in solato, zato nisem imela ničesar s seboj. Seveda, na edini dan, ko nisem imela svoje hrane, je bil žar zaprt. Edina stvar, ki sem jo lahko jedla, je bila solata brez kakršnekoli beljakovine, ki bi me nasitila. Bila sem res razočarana. Po kosilu sem šla v trgovino po nekaj rezin pršuta, saj nisem oseba, ki lahko preživi na nekaj listih solate za kosilo.
Zajtrk: umešana jajca, slanina, avokado, banana, kava.
Kosilo: zelena solata, paradižnik, kumare, črne olive.
Večerja: zelena solata, korenje, redkvice, kumarice, majoneza, nekaj oliv, trdo kuhano jajce, nekaj rezin pršuta in mortadele (vse sestavine so v skladu s programo, whoop whoop. Ne vem zakaj, ampak zaenkrat sem našla le italijansko delikatesno meso, ki se sklada s programom).
Malica: 3 rezine pršuta, jabolko.

Day 18
“I never felt so good while trying on jeans.” On Saturday I went shopping with my sister and I noticed that the pants/jeans are fitting better. I always hate trying on jeans, but this time I actually felt really good about it. I think the fact that I’m less bloated helps with that. I do know I lost a tiny bit of weight, because I cheated and weighted myself on day 10 (I did so because I felt like I was gaining weight and I wanted to check) and I saw I was almost 2 kilos lighter. But that was only water weight, so I’m sure that it will come back as soon as I eat a plate of pasta. Anyway, on Saturday I felt good. And for lunch we went to this great salad bar, where it was really easy to stick to the plan. 
Breakfast: sauteed spinach and champignons, scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado, banana with almond butter, coffee (don’t judge, I woke up hungry and I knew I’d be walking around all day, so I filled up).
Lunch: salad with mixed greens, roasted sweet potato, artichoke hearts, roasted bell peppers, salmon, basil and sesame seeds with herb and spirulina dressing.
Dinner: salad with mixed greens, tomatoe, red onion, artichoke, tuna and mayo, sprinkled with some hemp seeds and nutritional yeast, nectarine.
Snack: primal pantry apple and pecan raw bar, cucumber, hard boiled egg.

Dan 18 “Se nikoli se nisem počutila tako dobro pri pomerjanju hlač.” V soboto sva šli s sestro v shopping in opazila sem, da je bilo pomerjanje hlač tokrat precej enostavno. Ponavadi sovražim pomerjanje hlač, ampak tokrat me celo ni spravilo v depresijo, dejstvo, da sem manj napihnjena je bil najbrž glavni razlog za uspeh. Vem, da sem izgubila nekaj teže, saj sem goljufala in se po 10 dneh programa stehtala (zdelo se mi je, da pridobivam na teži, kar sem hotela preveriti) in videla, da sem 2 kili lažja. Je pa to le zaradi izgube vode in bo prišlo nazaj takoj, ko bom pojedla krožnik testenin. Kakorkoli, v soboto sem se počutila precej dobro. Za kosilo sva šli v super solatni bar, kjer je bilo zelo enostavno ostati zvest programu. 
Zajtrk: dušena špinača in šampinjoni, umešana jajca, slanina, 1/2 avokada, banana z mandljevim maslom, kava (ne me postrani gledat, vem, da je dosti, ampak sem bila lačna in vedela sem, da bom cel dan hodila naokoli).
Kosilo: mešana solata s pečenim sladkim krompirjem, artičokami, pečenimi paprikami, lososom, baziliko in sezamovimi semeni z zeliščnim prelivom s spirulino.
Večerja: mešana solata, paradižnik, rdeča čebula, artičoke, tuna, majoneza, semena konoplje in suhi kvas, nektarina.
Malica: presna tablica Primal pantry – apple and pecan (jabolko in pekan orehi), trdo kuhano jajce, kumara. 

Day 19
“Easy like Sunday morning.” Sunday was nothing special, but definitely filled with good food. 
Breakfast: spinach and eggs sunny side up, smoked salmon, blueberries and strawberries with cashew butter and cinnamon, coffee.
Lunch: mussels, oven baked fries and mixed salad, grapes.
Dinner: salad with spinach, pear, bacon and pecans with balsamic vinegar dressing.
Snack: decaf with coconut milk, a couple of dried plums and pistachios.

Dan 19 “Lahkotno kot nedeljsko jutro.” Nedelja ni bila nič posebnega, predvsem zelo nedeljska in polna dobre hrane.
Zajtrk: špinača in ocvrta jajca, dimljen losos, borovnice in jagode z maslom iz indijskih oreščkov in cimetom, kava.
Kosilo: školjke (dagnje a.k.a. pidoči), krompir v pečici, mešana solata, grozdje.
Večerja: solata s špinačo, hruško, slanino in pekani z balzamičnim prelivom.
Malica: brezkofeinska kava s kokosovim mlekom, nekaj suhih sliv in pistacijev. 

Day 20
“Monday like any other.” Again another day when nothing special happened. Like on any other Monday I wished for some extra mental clarity and concentration, but no trace of any of those. I do start to wonder if all those people reporting on suddenly having boundless energy levels after Whole30 are just having a placebo effect. You know, you kind of convince yourself that you should feel better and consequently you do. Not happening in my case. Or maybe it’s just because it’s Monday.
Breakfast: scrambled eggs, chia pudding with coconut milk with blueberries and strawberries, coffee.
Lunch: mussels in tomato sauce, oven baked fries, mixed salad.
Dinner: salad with spinach, prosciutto, artichoke hearts, avocado, tomato, anchovies and hemp seeds, some dried prunes.
Snack: apple.

Dan 20 “Ponedeljek kot vsak drug.” Ponovno dan, ko se ni dogajalo nič posebnega. Kot na vsak ponedeljek sem si zelela nekaj več koncentracije in jasnih misli, a brez uspeha. Začenjam se spraševati ali so tej neomejeni nivoji energije o katerih poročajo ljudje, ki so končali Whole30, le placebo efekt. Nekako pričakuješ in se prepričaš, da se moraš in boš po tem boljše počutil in posledično tudi se. V mojem primeru se to ne dogaja. Ali pa imam tak občutek le zato, ker je ponedeljek. 
Zajtrk: umešana jajca, chia puding s kokosovim mlekom z borovnicami in jagodami, kava.
Kosilo: pidoči v paradižnikovi omaki, krompir v pečici, mešana solata.
Večerja: solata s špinačo, pršutom, artičoki, avokadom, paradižnikom, inčuni in semeni konoplje, nekaj suhih sliv.
Malica: jabolko.

Day 21
“All is good.” I finished my 3rd week without any problems. And I found compliant pork sausage and groung chicken meat that will save some money.
Breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado, cherry tomatoes, nectarine, coffee.
Lunch: sauteed cabage with leeks and apple, sauteed red bell peppers, champignons ans carrots in curry sauce, grilled steak.
Dinner: lettuce, radishes, cucumber, sundried tomatoes, pork sausage, mayo. 
Snack: banana with almond butter and coconut flakes, coffee.

Dan 21 “Vse je dobro.” Tretji teden programa sem končala brez težav. Našla sem klobase in mleto piščancje meso, ki se skladajo s programom, kar bo prihranilo nekaj denarja. 
Zajtrk: umešana jajca, slanina, avokado, češnjevi paradižnik, nektarina, kava.
Kosilo: dušeno zelje s porom in jabolkom, dušene paprike, šampinjoni in korenje v curry omaki, pečen goveji zrezek. 
Večerja: zelena solata, redkvice, kumara, sušeni paradižniki, klobasa, majoneza.
Malica: banana z mandljevim maslom in kokosovo moko, kava.

This was it for this week. I’m getting used to what I can eat and what not and I think I might continue eating like this even after the program. Not all meals and not every day, but as much as I comfortably can. However, I will add some healthy carbs and plant protein, because I don’t think it’s healthy to cut so much of it out of your diet and to eat so much meat. I often ate quite similar to this before the program anyway, but lately ate too much of candy and chocolate just because it was there and not because I really felt like it. I’m glad to see I don’t have a big addiction to sugar. We’ll see what happens in the last days of the program.
Read about week 1 and week 2.

Until next time! K.

To je bilo to, kar se preteklega tedna tiče. Navadila sem se na stvari , ki jih lahko jem in ponotranjila česa ne smem, mislim, da bom nadaljevala s tem načinom prehranjevanja tudi po programu. Ne za vse obroke in ne vsak dan, ampak čimveč. Vsekakor bom dodala nekaj zdravih ogljikovih hidratov in rastlinskih proteinov, saj se mi ne zdi, da je zdravo, njihovo količino tako strogo omejiti kot jo zdaj. Tudi količina mesa, ki jo uživam na tem programu, se mi zdi prekomerna. No, saj sem precej podobno jedla tudi pred programom, le da sem se zadnje čase preveč sladkala, ne zato, ker mi je zapasalo, ampak zato, ker so bile stvari “tam”. Sem pa vesela, da nimam velike odvisnosti od sladkorja. Bomo videli, kaj bodo prinesli zadnji dnevi programa.
Preberi več o prvem in drugem tednu.

Do naslednjič! K.

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