Whole30 week 2 recap

I’m halfway through my Whole30 program and I’m still managing. This week brought along a couple of challenges – dinner out with the girls, barbecue party after work on Friday and a very lazy weekend that just called after some baking. I (more or less) successfully passed them all and I have to say I’m quite proud of myself. After two weeks I do not feel any different than I did before, I guess the changes still need to come. Maybe the changes are bigger if you had a really shitty diet before starting the Whole30 and that was not the case with me. I am breaking one of the rules though – I often have a snack in the afternoon, not because of the habit, but because I just get really hungry. They advise against having more than 3 meals per day and if you’re hungry in between they suggest to increase the size of the meal, but I can’t always do that as I usually eat the size of the meal that is comfortable for me (volume wise), if I would eat more, I would feel stuffed, so I just decided to have the snacks when I’m hungry. I will try to work on getting them down to a minimum though.
What I have noticed so far is that I did not have any stomach pain in the last two weeks. Normally, there are at least one to two days per week when I have some nasty stomach cramps, that I thought were because of apples in the afternoon (I know weird, but it only happened on days I ate an apple), but apparently that is not the case as I had no discomfort the last time I had an apple for a snack. On the down side, I often wake up in the middle of the night, because I have to pee so much as I drink even more than normal. I hope this will “be fixed” in the coming weeks.
I also discovered/accidentally put together a couple of dishes that I really love and will be making often even after the program is done. Having a list of “forbidden” foods also helps me be more creative in the kitchen as I try to cook different meals not to get bored. This was on the menu in the past week:

Sem na polovici programa Whole30 in mi še kar uspeva. Pretekli teden je s seboj prinesel nekaj izzivajočih trenutkov – s puncami smo šle ven na večerjo, v petek smo imeli po službi žar žur in vikend je bil tako lenoben, da je kar klical po peki in nečem sladkem. Na srečo, sem brez večjih težav prestala vse izzive in moram reči, da sem na to prav ponosna. Po dveh tednih se počutim povsem enako kot prej, mogoče bom opazila kakšne spremembe v prihajajočih dneh. Morda so spremembe bolj opazne, če si pred programom jedel veliko svinjarij, kar pa zame ne velja. Res pa je, da se ne držim enega od pravil – pogosto si popoldne privoščim malico, ne zaradi navade ampak zato, ker sem pogosto lačna. Po programu naj bi zaužil le 3 obroke dnevno in če se zgodi, da si med temi lačen, svetujejo, da se poje večji glavni obrok. Meni to ne vedno ustreza, saj ponavadi pojem količino hrane, ki je zame ravno pravšnja (kar se volumna tiče), če bi pojedla več, bi se počutila kot nadevan piščanec. Tako da sem se odločila, da bom to pravilo spregledala in pač pojedla malico, ko bom lačna. Se bom pa potrudila, da malicanje v prihodnjih dneh zmanjšam. 
Edina sprememba, ki sem jo opazila do sedaj je, da nimam nobenih bolečin v želodcu. Ponavadi se mi vsaj dvakrat na teden zgodi, da me boli želodec. Mislila sem, da so bila temu vzrok jabolka za popoldansko malico (ja vem, čudno, ampak bolečine v želodcu sem vedno opazila le na dneve, ko sem popoldne jedla jabolko), kar pa očitno ne velja, saj sem jih zadnja dva tedna vsaj dvakrat jedla popoldne brez kakršnihkoli težav. Ena od bolj negativnih posledic programa je to, da se pogosto zbujam sredi noči zato, da grem na WC, ker se je količina vode, ki jo spijem na dan, signifikantno povečala. Upam, da se bo to v prihodnjih dneh “popravilo”.
Odkrila sem tudi nekaj jedi, ki jih res obožujem in jih bom pogosto pripravila tudi po programu. To, da imam seznam “prepovedane” hrane, me prisili v to, da sem pri kuhanju bolj kreativna, saj poskušam kuhati čimbolj raznoliko hrano, ker bi se sicer vsega naveličala. To je bilo na menu-ju pretekli teden:

Day 8
“All the goodies on the menu!” So I kicked off the second week of the program without any problems. We went out to dinner with some friends and there were a couple of really good stuff on the menu, but I settled for what I’m allowed and had grilled steak with potato in the skin and a small salad on the side. When I got my meal I saw that salad had corn in it so I hand picked it out and ate the rest. I wouldn’t mind to have a glass of wine with my meal, but water was also fine. I was happy I did not break any of the rules this day. 
Breakfast: 1/2 mashed avocado, cherry tomatoes, prosciutto cotto, 1/2 apple with almond butter, black coffee.
Lunch: “quiche” with sweet potato crust, with salmon, broccoli and mushrooms. 
Dinner: grilled steak, potato, mixed salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 
Snack: I was hungry in the afternoon so I had 1/4 melon and some nuts (almonds, cashews)

Dan 8 “Vse te dobrote na meniju!” Drugi teden programa sem pričela brez večjih težav. Zvečer smo šle s puncami na večerjo in na meniju je bilo veliko slastnih jedi, a le ena “dovoljena”. Naročila sem zrezek na žaru s krompirjem in solato. Ko sem jed dobila, sem videla, da je imela v solati koruzo, ki ni dovoljena, zato sem jo pobrala ven, kot kakšen izbirčen otrok in pojedla ostalo. Ne bi me motilo, če bi si lahko ob jedi privoščila kozarček žlahtnega, ampak sem bila zadovoljna tudi z vodo. Vesela sem bila, da je dan minil brez prekrškov :).
Zajtrk: 1/2 avokada, češnjevi paradižniki, kuhan pršut, 1/2 jabolka z mandljevim maslom, kava.
Kosilo: “quiche” z lososom, brokolijem in šampinjoni s skorjo iz sladkega krompirja.
Večerja: zrezek na žaru, krompir, mešana solata z olivnim oljem in balzamičnim kisom. 
Malica: popoldne sem bila lačna zato sem si privoščila 1/4 melone in nekaj oreščkov (mandlji, indijski).

Day 9
“Annoyed by everything.” This day was not my best, I did not have time to read my book in the morning and if I don’t have my easy morning, my whole day was ruined. To top it all, I’m getting really depressed because of the weather here. I can’t even look at Facebook because all the people from home are posting pictures from the beach and complain how warm it is. If only I could complain about that…Anyway, I was really, really grumpy on Thursday and I had a headache in the afternoon which did not help to improve my mood. I did make a nice dinner at the end which made me feel a bit better, the spicy pesto with zucchini noodles (zoodles) will definitely make a return on my plate.
Breakfast: scrambled eggs, 1/2 avocado, bacon, nectarine, black coffee.
Lunch: chicken soup with almost no chicken and melon.
Dinner: hamburger, zoodles with basil, almond and chilli pesto, mixed salad. 
Snack: obviously the chickenless soup did not keep me full and I needed fuel for the workout so I had a Rude Health raw bar “The Pumpkin” – this thing is really good, but quite sweet, they should cut down on dates. 

Dan 9 “Vse me nervira.” Ta dan ni bil najboljši. Zjutraj nisem imela časa za branje knjige in če nimam umirjenega jutra, je cel dan uničen. In povrhu vsega postajam res depresivna v tem brez-poletnem vremenu. Na Facebook sploh nočem več, ker potem vidim, kako doma vsi uživajo v soncu ali pa se pritožujejo, kako je vroče. Če bi se le jaz lahko pritoževala o tem…No kakorkoli, v četrtek sem bila res zlovoljna in popoldanski glavobol je celotno situacijo le poslabšal. Sem pa naredila dobro večerjo, ki me je spravila v malce boljšo voljo. Pikanten pesto z bučkinimi rezanci se bo zagotovo vrnil na moj krožnik. 
Zajtrk: umešana jajca, 1/2 avokada, slanina, nektarina, kava.
Kosilo: piščančja juha skoraj brez piščanca in melona.
Večerja: hamburger, bučkini rezanci s pestom in bazilike, mandljev in cilija, mešana solata.
Malica: pričakovano me piščančja juha brez piščanca ni nasitila do večerje in potrebovala sem gorivo za telovadbo, zato sem pojedla Rude Health presno tablico “The Pumpkin” – ta zadevica je res dobra, le malo presladka za moj okus, morali bi malce zmanjšat količino datljev.

Day 10
“I’m sooo dizzy!” I am often dizzy, especially on days with low air pressure, I always have to make sure I don’t stand up too fast. But today was extreme, I was dizzy every single time I stood up from my chair, I really had to be careful at some point because I almost fell on the floor. Apart from that the day went well. In the evening we had a barbecue at work and there were mojitos and Cava and wine, but I had no problems with drinking just water with mint and lime. I am afraid, that I ate something noncompliant though. I made sure that I picked only the non-processed meat, so no sausages or burgers and the only choice I had were some chicken and pork skeweres. I’m afraid the pork skewers were marinated in something which probably had some noncompliant ingredient, but I can not tell for sure. I did not really feel anything, so I decided not to start all over with the program just because of that and especially not after saying “no” to ice cream (gasp!).
Breakfast: I mixed one mashed banana with 2 eggs and 2 tbsp of coconut flour and made “banana scrambled eggs”, I topped everything with 1/2 apple some blueberries and almond butter, this was soooo good, I will surely make this again, I also had black coffee.
Lunch: chickenless chicken soup, nectarine.
Dinner: chicken and pork skewers, veggies (salad, carrots, cucumber, tomato) and potato.
Snack: yep, chickenless soup did not keep me full so I had an apple and a couple of nuts.

Dan 10 “Strašno se mi vrti.” Pogosto me muči vrtoglavica, še posebno na dneve z nizkim zračnim pritiskom. Vedno moram paziti, da ne vstanem prehitro. Ampak danes je bilo pa res grozno, zavrtelo se mi vsakič, ko sem vstala s stola, res sem morala biti previdna, saj sem enkrat skoraj “padla skupaj”. Razen tega je dan minil brez težav. Zvečer smo imeli po službi piknik, kje so stregli mojito pa Cavo in vino, jaz sem brez posebnih težav pila vodo z meto in limeto. Se pa bojim, da sem pojedla nekaj nedovoljenega. Pazila sem, da sem izbrala le nepredelano meso, se pravi, da se nisem dotikala klobas in burgerjev, ker ne vem (oz. sem 100% prepričana da niso), če so brez dodatkov. Kar sem lahko izbrala so bila svinjska in piščančja nabodala. Mislim, da so bila svinjska nabodala marinirana v marinadi, ki je verjetno imela kakšno nedovoljeno sestavino. Ker nisem čutila nobenih posledic, sem se odločila, da programa ne bom pričela od začetka le zaradi tega, še posebno ne po tem ko sem rekla “ne” sladoledu (vzdihljaj).
Zajtrk: zmešala sem banano z 2 jajci in 2 žlicama kokosove moke in to poimenovala “bananina umešana jajca” (kako originalno), po vrhu sem naložila 1/2 jabolka in nekaj borovnic ter mandljevo maslo – to je bilo res super, vsekakor si bom tak zajtrk privoščila bolj pogosto, zraven sem imela tudi kavo.
Kosilo: brezpiščančja piščančja juha in nektarina.
Večerja: piščančja in svinjska nabodala, zelenjava (solata, korenje, kumara, paradižnik) in krompir.
Malica: ja, brezpiščančja juha me ni nasitila do večerje, zato sem popoldne pojedla jabolko in nekaj oreščkov.

Day 11
“I’ll just sleep a bit.” So Saturday was nice, I went to the hairdresser in the morning (the first time to a Belgian one, and payed double as I would in Slovenia, but lets say it was worth it) and I always feel good when I have good hair day. We went to Laurens’ grandparents for lunch, so I brought a salad with me, not to bother his grandmother with it. In the afternoon I got suddenly really tired, I slept in the car almost all the way back home and in the evening we were watching football and I think I fell asleep on the couch at nine thirty, like a baby. Apparently it is normal that you feel like that this far in the program, they promise the tiredness is shortlived. The dizziness is still there. 
Breakfast: apple with almond and cashew butter witch cinnamon, coffee with almond milk.
Lunch: salad with tuna, hard boiled egg, black olives, red bell pepper and cucumber, strawberries.
Dinner: lettuce with avocado, egg sunny side up and smoked salmon, grapes. 
No snacking today.

Dan 11 “Jaz bom kar malce zaspala.” Sobota je bila prijetna, zjutraj sem sla k frizerju (prvič v Belgiji in plačala dvojno kot bi v Sloveniji, ampak dajmo reč, da je bilo vredno) kar me vedno spravi v dobro voljo. Za kosilo sva sla k Laurensovi noni, zato sem si zjutraj pripravila solato, da si ona ne bi delala težav s kuhanjem zame. Popoldne sem kar naenkrat postala strašno zaspana, spala sem v avtu skoraj celo pot domov in zvečer sem med “gledanjem” tekme zaspala na kavču okoli devetih in pol, kot dojenček. Baje, da je to normalno v tej fazi programa, obljubljajo, da taka utrujenost hitro mine. Vrtoglavica še kar vztraja.
Zajtrk: jabolko z mandljevim maslom in maslom iz indijskih oreščkov s cimetom, kava z mandljevim mlekom. 
Kosilo: solata s tuno, črnimi olivami, papriko, kumaro in kuhanim jajcem, jagode.
Večerja: motovilec z avokadom, ocvrtim jajcem in dimljenim lososom, grozdje.

Day 12
“I feel like eating something…” This was the worst day by far, cravings wise. Morning went OK, but then in the afternoon I felt like I’m missing something. I often have this, you know, you feel like you want to eat something, but you can’t put your finger on what that something is. Normally, when this happens, I first drink water, when this doesn’t help, I have a piece of fruit and then some chocolate and then something salty and then maybe a yogurt and then this and that. Usually nothing really helps, so when those days come by, I try to keep myself busy and not think about it. This time I kind of binged on nuts a little bit (it doesn’t help if you loooove nuts, like I do), so yes, I have to make sure it does not happen again. I also really felt like baking (it was a dark rainy afternoon that just called for it). When I mentioned that to Laurens, but said I will not do it because I can’t eat it, he got excited and asked to bake something just for him. So I did. I made apple and brown sugar muffins that smelled like heaven and did not eat a crumble of it. I felt like a begging dog when Laurens was eating one, I just kept staring in his mouth when he was eating it. Apparently they did taste good.
Breakfast: spinach, eggs sunny side up, bacon, coffee with almond milk.
Lunch: roasted Red Kuri squash with salad, roasted potatoes and grilled steak, grapes.
Dinner: salad with greens, red bell pepper, cucumber, black olives, prosciutto, anchovies.
Snack: morning after workout (BTW, I find it harder to push through the workouts) – a couple of dried plums, afternoon – apricot and waaay too much nuts.

Dan 12 “Neki bi jedla.” To je bil najslabši dan do sedaj, kar se hrane tiče. Dopoldan nisem imela nobenih težav, potem je prišel popoldan – cel čas se mi je nekaj jedlo. To se mi pogosto dogaja, tisto, ko se ti nekaj je, ampak ne veš kaj. Ponavadi, ko se mi to zgodi najprej spijem pol litra vode, potem poskusim s sadjem, potem ko to ne pomaga preskočim na čokolado, pa krekerje, pa to, pa tisto, pa se malo tega…Pomaga le to, da se čimbolj zamotim in pozabim na hrano. Tokrat se to ni zgodilo in posledično sem se cel popoldan “nažirala” z oreščki (dejstvo, da obožujem oreščke, ni pri tem prav nič pomagalo), je kar je, če se bo ponovilo, se bom poskusila malo bolj obvladat. Popoldne sem bila pri volji za peko (bil je temen, deževen nedeljski popoldan, kaj drugega bi pa lahko počela). Ko sem to omenila Laurensu in dodala, da pekla pa ne bom, ker ne smem jest nič sladkega, se je njegovo navdušenje hitro spremenilo v razočaranje. No, pa sem mu vseeno nekaj spekla, mafine z jabolki in rjavim sladkorjem, dišali so nebeško ampak nisem pojedla niti drobtinice. Počutila sem se kot proseči pes, saj sem nepremično strmela v Laurensova usta, ko je jedel enega. Baje da so dobri…
Zajtrk: ocvrta jajca s špinačo in slanino, kava z mandljevim mlekom.
Kosilo: pečena Red Kuri buča, pečen krompir in zrezek na žaru, grozdje.
Večerja: solata s pršutom, inčuni, črnimi olivami, rdečo papriko, kumaro in motovilcem. 
Malica: dopoldne po telovadbi (ta me bolj utrudi, kot ponavadi) – nekaj suhih sliv,  popoldne – marelica in občutno preveč oreščkov.

Day 13
“Damn!” Ok, so I know it’s gross, but I woke up with a herpes or a fever blister or a cold sore, however you call it. I felt it the moment I woke up, that tingling sensation on my lip. Obviously something is going on in my body, even though I don’t really feel it. I always get herpes when my immune system drops or when I’m stressing my body too much (too little sleep, too much workout, or if I get sun burned). Even though I don’t really miss any foods yet, my body apparently does. Since my dizziness did not go away after 4 days I did some reading and putting everything together concluded, that I’m probably not eating enough for my activity level (although I feel like I am). I’m not eating enough fat with my meals and my protein portion is also sometimes a bit smaller than recommended, so I will try to work on that. I guess my binge on nuts was also a consequence of eating too little fat. Another confession for today – I think I had a “sex with your pants on” food for a snack a.k.a. food that is mimicking candy/chocolate/junk food and can be a trigger for some people to go completely off the wagon (I can with 100% certainty say that I am not one of those). I had a Nakd bar (cocoa delight) and it tasted waaay too close to a real chocolate bar. Raw bars are supposed to be only for emergencies, but for me this is the best pre workout meal and it doesn’t trigger any cravings and does not make me want to stop with the program so I’m wondering if it’s really that bad. Anyhow, I am limiting them, but I’m so happy that I discovered them because they are delicious. In the future I am going to be making them myself because it’s cheaper :).
Breakfast: spinach, eggs sunny side up, smoked salmon, banana with almond butter and coconut flour, black coffee.
Lunch: roasted Red Kuri squash, roasted potatoes, halibut fillet, nectarine.
Dinner: shrimp ceviche (you can get the recipe here), plum.
Snack: Nakd cocoa delight raw bar (dates, cashews, raisins, cocoa).

Dan 13 “Pismo!” (ja, jaz še kar uporabljam tole “kletvico”) Ok, grdo, zbudila sem se s herpesom. Čutila sem ga takoj, ko sem se zbudila, tisti srbeči občutek na ustnici. Očitno se v mojem telesu nekaj dogaja, pa čeprav sama tega ne občutim. Herpes vedno dobim, ko mi pade imunski sistem ali pa je moje telo pod stresom (premalo spanja, preveč telovadbe, sončne opekline). Kljub temu, da ne pogrešam nobene hrane, pa mojemu telesu očitno nekaj manjka. Ker me že štiri dni zaporedoma muči vrtoglavica sem malo raziskovala po Whole30 forumu in zaključila, da verjetno ne jem dovolj za mojo stopnjo aktivnosti (čeprav se mi je zdelo, da ja). Pri obrokih ne jem dovolj maščob in moja količina beljakovin je tudi včasih manjša od priporočene, v prihodnjih dneh bom poskusila to malo izboljšati. Verjetno je bila včerajšnja požrtija z oreščki posledica pomanjkanja maščob v prehrani. Moram pa nekaj priznati – mislim, da sem za malico imela hrano kategorizirano kot “seks z oblečenimi hlacami”, to je hrana, ki posnema sladkarije/sladice/hitro hrano, ki lahko sproži, da oseba popolnoma skrene s poti in prekine program (s 100% gotovostjo lahko povem, da to zame ne velja). Pojedla sem Nakd presno tablico (cocoa delight – kakavni užitek) in ta je imela okus kot prava čokoladna zadeva. Presne tablice naj bi bile le za urgentne primere, ko res ni druge izbire, ampak zame jo to idealna malica pred telovadbo in ker mi ne vzbudijo nekih neustavljivih želj po sladkem, se sprašujem, ali je res tako grozno, če pojem kakšno tu pa tam. Kakorkoli, jem jih le občasno, sem pa vesela, da sem jih odkrila, saj so res slastne. Jih bom pa v prihodnje sama naredila, ker bo tako ceneje :).
Zajtrk: špinača, ocvrta jajca, dimljen losos, banana z mandljevim maslom in kokosovo moko, kava.
Kosilo: pečena Red Kuri buča, pečen krompir, file morskega lista, nektarina.
Večerja: ceviche s kozicami (recept lahko najdes tu), sliva.
Malica: Nakd cocoa delight presna tablica (datlji, indijski oreščki, rozine, kakav).

Day 14
“Am I really already half way?!” Today went smooth and I can’t believe it’s already half way. I still don’t really miss anything. Yes, some cheese would be nice and yogurt as well and the smell from the bakery in the morning is heavenly and makes me want to eat a croissant. But these are not cravings, just my love of good food, so I don’t find it that hard not to eat them for a month. 
Breakfast: scrambled eggs, 1/2 mashed avocado, bacon, 1/2 apple with almond butter, black coffee.
Lunch: zoodles with bolognese sauce (homemade and 100% compliant), black olives, nectarine.
Dinner: shrimp ceviche, grapes.

Dan 14 “Ali sem res že na pol poti?!” Drugi teden sem zaključila brez problemov, ne morem verjet, kako hitro sta minila 2 tedna. Še kar ne pogrešam nič, kar je na prepovedanem seznamu. Ja seveda, kakšen kos sira me ne bi motil, jogurt za zajtrk bi bil tudi fanj, da ne govorim o tem, kako božanski je jutranji vonj iz pekarne. Ampak to niso neustavljive želje, le moja ljubezen do dobre hrane, zato nimam nobenih težav s tem, da se določenim stvarem za 1 mesec odpovem.
Zajtrk: umešana jajca, 1/2 avokada, slanina, 1/2 jabolka z mandljevim maslom, kava.
Kosilo: bučkini “rezanci” z bolognese omako, črne olive, nektarina.
Večerja: ceviche s kozicami, češnje.

Well here you have it, my Whole30 week 2 recap. This week was a bit challenging, but not super hard. I’m really looking forward to starting to see some changes in how I feel (at least I hope I will). But even if I don’t, I am enjoying this journey because it makes me discover new dishes, that are both healthy and delicious. I will try to post some recipes on the blog soon. 
Read about how week 1 went here.

Until next time! K.

No, pa smo prišli do konca tega tedenskega pregleda. Ta teden je sicer imel nekaj ovir, ampak mi ni nič povzročalo večjih težav. Komaj čakam, da bom opazila kakšne spremembe v počutju (vsaj upam, da jih bom). Ampak tudi če jih ne, mi je ta program v veselje, saj mi pomaga pri odkrivanju novih jedi, ki so prav tako zdrave, kot tudi slastne. Nekaj od teh receptov bom poskusila kmalu objaviti na blogu.
Preberi več o tem, kako sem preživela prvi teden tukaj.

Do naslednjič! K.

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