Octopus salad

Some weeks ago I had a strange craving. Well maybe it was not really a craving, but more a wish. You know, when you remember a dish and then you’re like “Damn, I would like to have that now”. It was an octopus salad that I wanted. I don’t know how I thought of it, but I did. I inquired around where to buy an octopus and found out that people don’t really eat them here and because it was not really urgent and I’m lazy, I didn’t spend much time on looking for it either. But then my parents came to visit and I kindly requested some octopus to be brought with them. Afterwards, I had all I needed, to make this delicious octopus salad, at hand. Continue reading “Octopus salad”

Shrimp ceviche my way

Since I started my journey with Whole30 (read more about it here) I’ve put together a lot of dishes that I came to love. One of those is shrimp ceviche. Ceviche is a dish originating in Latin America normally prepared with fresh fish that are “cooked” with citrus juices and mixed with different spices and herbs. The first time I had a ceviche was on our trip to Florida in March, I immediately loved it and knew I’d be making some version of it back home.  Continue reading “Shrimp ceviche my way”

Brodet, Adriatic fish stew

I am in love with the sea and everything related to it. And seafood is related to it, so I love seafood as well. Pretty simpe equation. You would think I eat plenty of it, but you are wrong. In Belgium fish and other eatable sea beasts can get quite expensive and that in combination with a boyfriend, who rather eats animals without the gills, means that poor Kristina doesn’t get much of it. But I am not in Belgium now, and visiting home comes with a lot of perks.
Continue reading “Brodet, Adriatic fish stew”