Potica with walnuts and pecans

Easter is here. I always liked this holiday. Easter brings along all the good stuff – coloured eggs, enormous amounts of chocolate and other goodies, that appear on our tables only in festive times. But apart from that, I like Easter because it announces that spring is here which brings along longer days and warmer, sunnier weather. I don’t really do anything special on Easter, other than visiting family, but despite that I always make sure I colour the eggs and make potica.  Continue reading “Potica with walnuts and pecans”

Apple and pear pie with pecan frangipane

The first time I ever made a pie, was for Laurens. A deep dish apple pie. Since then I made several and most of them were apple or pear pie variations. I think these two fruits are perfect for a pie, pie is a humble dessert and so are apples and pears. I’ve never been a big fan of pies, I found them boring, but lately I’m becoming a big fan, especially of the buttery and flaky crust. Continue reading “Apple and pear pie with pecan frangipane”

Brown sugar ice cream with maple syrup and nuts

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blogIce cream is my favourite dessert. There are days when I can easily devour the whole container, starting from the edges where it starts to melt a little and continuing towards the center. My favourite were always the ones with some add-ins and for a while now I am drooling over Häagen-Dazs Pralines and cream. It is quite expensive if you eat ice cream my way, so I wanted to make an ice cream that would give me the same satisfaction of a nice caramel base with delicious nut bits all over. Continue reading “Brown sugar ice cream with maple syrup and nuts”