Pizza with pumpkin and sage sauce, pancetta and blue cheese

Here it is, the pumpkin recipe post. It was bound to happen. Pumpkins are all around us, you have no other choice but to take advantage of this fact. And why wouldn’t you, they are delicious and healthy, packed with vitamin A, and many other good little molecules that do wonders in your body.  This will not be one of those pumpkin spice and everything nice dishes, this is something special. My pumpkin was not turned into a golden cariage (which makes sense since I am not Cinderella), or baked in something sweet, mine became a delicious pizza (or pasta if you want) sauce with sage, garlic and olive oil (health overdose alert). Continue reading “Pizza with pumpkin and sage sauce, pancetta and blue cheese”

Apple compote

Autumn is here. You can feel it, you can see it and you can smell it. And everybody talks about it, some being ecstatic about it, going all crazy for plaid and pumpkin and others (like me) trying to find little things that would make it more cheerful, because what lays ahead are just dark mornings and cold. There is one good thing about autumn – apples and pears (and cuddling under the blanket with hot chocolate of course). Continue reading “Apple compote”

Pasta with Tubby custard

My mother always worked on weekend mornings. Our, children’s, responsibility was then to clean the appartment and make sure we had lunch by the time she returned home. As the oldest (and the only one of three that really listened to my mother’s lecturing that happened if things were not done), I tried to do my best to always prepare something for lunch. I was 14 or 15 at the time, and not one of those kids that compete on Junior MasterChef (I guess they are even younger that 15). So you can imagine that my cooking abilities were scarce. I still did my best. Well on one of those weekends I found an old magazine with pasta recipes, flipped through the pages and chose the one that was the easiest to prepare.
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Eat! Brussels, drink! Bordeaux

This past weekend I went to Brussels restaurants festival – eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX. This was an event where a wide variety of Brussels restaurants came together in one place and joined forces with wine makers of Bordeaux region, so that the visitors had a chance to try some good food and wine. The weather sucked, at least on the day that I went, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
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Upside-down plum and coconut cake

When plums hit the stores you know that summer is gone. I am not one of those people that get all excited for autumn and when summer ends, I always get a bit melancholic. Don’t get me wrong, autumn has its perks, but the fact that I have to go trough months of cold, rainy weather does NOT make me very happy, quite the opposite. Continue reading “Upside-down plum and coconut cake”

KERK Food Festival

Last week Laurens and I visited the 4th KERK Food Truck Festival. This was a small food truck festival, that was organized in a former factory building, currently in hands of a KERK initiative. They organise a lot of workshops, exhibitions, flea markets and other events, if you are interested you can get more info on their website (in Dutch).

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Pizza with prosciutto, arugula, goat cheese and balsamic truffle glaze

Ok, who doesn’t like pizza? If you are one of them, this post is not for you. Pizza is one of my favourite dishes and is so versatile. You can make it more healthy or a caloric overload. When I was little, the only time my family went out to eat, was to a pizzeria. This was an event. I would always order the same thing (or my mother would) – pizza Four seasons and Coca-Cola (this was the only time I could have Coca-Cola with my meal, a special occasion). Back then, pizza at home was never so good as in a pizzeria. Now I’m all grown up and homemade pizza wins me over every time. It tastes better, you can put on it whatever you want (or whatever you have in your fridge at that moment) and it doesn’t need much effort to be great. You just need a pizza dough and a good tomato sauce. Oh and don’t forget the cheese, you have to have cheese. All the other ingredients are just extras.
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Bolognese sauce

Spaghetti with bolognese sauce, it’s a dish that everybody likes, call it a comfort food if you want. I loved it when I got it on my plate when I was little. I would put a spaghetti in my mouth and then twist my ears with both hands and suck the spaghetti as fast as I could which splashed the sauce all over my face (and clothes, which my mother probably didn’t like). I still get the urge to do that sometimes, but so far I have managed to resist it. Continue reading “Bolognese sauce”

Greek yogurt pancakes

Monday mornings, nobody likes them. I read a quote somewhere saying that they are like the person that shows up at your party uninvited, you go along with it, but you definitely don’t like it. What I like though are little traditions, they are something you look forward to, little moments you created because they make you feel good, totally the opposite from a Monday morning. A couple of months ago, my boyfriend and I started a new tradition that would make these days a bit more pleasant. Well to be honest, I started it and he just has to accept it. Continue reading “Greek yogurt pancakes”