Foodtruck boulevard

It’s been a while since I went to a “food event”, but spring is here and with it comes the new season of food festivals, barbecues and other little life’s pleasures, like sitting outside with a nice glass of wine (or whatever floats your boat) and enjoying the sun. On Sunday there was a small foodtruck festival 5 min away from our place so we decided to check it out. It was located on the garden in front of a small “castle” (more like a big fancy house) and there were about 20 food trucks all together.  Continue reading “Foodtruck boulevard”

KERK Food Festival

Last week Laurens and I visited the 4th KERK Food Truck Festival. This was a small food truck festival, that was organized in a former factory building, currently in hands of a KERK initiative. They organise a lot of workshops, exhibitions, flea markets and other events, if you are interested you can get more info on their website (in Dutch).

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