Peaberry coffee bar

A couple of weekends ago I was in the centre of Ghent with my sister and we wanted to grab a quick coffee. I had a list of coffee bars I still want to visit and the closest was Peaberry coffee bar, so there we went. The place itself is really nice, I love the turquise color theme that appears on tables, pillows plates and cups. It doesn’t have a classic cosy athmosphere, but it has a relaxed, more upbeat, clean style. Continue reading “Peaberry coffee bar”

Coffee date at Café Labath

I already discussed the troubles of finding good coffe in Belgium here, so I am not going to start again about it. What I can tell you, is that I am not the only one with this problem. Recently I was talking with a friend from Portugal and she completely understood my struggles. So it’s not just me being fussy. As I am on a mission to find good coffee places in Ghent (there are many, luckily, you just have to know them), I was really happy when I found out about Café Labath a couple of months ago.  Continue reading “Coffee date at Café Labath”

My mother’s tiramisu

tira prvaIt was raining today. So sadly my beach time for today had to be canceled. It was one of those days, that make you want to curl up in the bed or on the couch and watch something. But being lazy is not really what I wanted to do today, so I needed a little pick me up. Luckily rainy days are perfect for some kitchen dancing and I decided to make my mother’s tiramisu. Tiramisu – literally meaning, “pick me up” was just what I needed. This dessert has its origin in a city not far from my home town. Although many people say it originated in Treviso (a city near Venice) in a restaurant called Le Beccherie, where its birth would be around 1970, tiramisu was created 20 years earlier near Trieste, by a partisan cook. The name has a story on its own, well several stories. One of them suggests that the dessert was created for a midnight snack for the ladies of the night, they needed something to keep them going until the morning and the cook whipped this coffee-infused dessert. Some others suggest that it was developed during WWII as a dish made for men to bring with them when sent off to war, to give them more energy. Continue reading “My mother’s tiramisu”

Simon Says coffee house

One of the things you miss when you move to a new city is knowing where to go for a good coffee, or a good cake, or the atmosphere, to relax, meet with friends. When I first went out to a random place to get a cup of coffee here in Belgium it was really not good, planely it sucked. Since then I learned, that you have two extremes – you have places where they only serve a wannabe coffee (very diluted filtered coffee) and then you have places where they take their coffee business to the next level, where you can choose not only the mix and origin of your coffee, but also the preparation method such as espresso, french press, aeropress and V60, whatever you or your wallet fancies. Continue reading “Simon Says coffee house”