Fruit tartlets with chocolate crust

Recently I got my hands on the Ratio, a book by Michael Ruhlman. It’s a recipe book, but not quite so. It explains the ratios of ingredients in diferent dishes like in baking or when making sauces. It’s a great book to learn the basic and it’s perfect for those who want to know how to bake something without a written recipe. I wanted some practice in making something new without scanning different recipes for ideas. A couple of weeks ago I bought mini tart tins and I wanted to put those in good use. I decided to make fruit tartlets, but to make it special, I wanted them with chocolate crust. Continue reading “Fruit tartlets with chocolate crust”

Yogurt cake with berry compote

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_MG_2023fix02Even though summers in Belgium may not always be what you expect from summer to be, that being sunny and warm, these last couple of days have been exactly that. And warm sunny days are always accompanied with the smoky smell in the air as everybody takes out their grills and goes in full barbecue mode. This weekend we did just that, and as every meal needs a dessert I decided to make something lighter to complete a hard core meat overdose. The cake is an adapted version of the No-Bake Greek Yogurt & Berry Cheesecake from Bare Root Girl blog. Continue reading “Yogurt cake with berry compote”