Laurens meets Hello Fresh

Several months ago, Kristina bought a coupon for a Hello Fresh box. For those who are not familiar with this concept: the box contains ingredients to make food for three or five days and provides the recipes for it aswell. The recipes are supposed to be very straightforward.

Last week, she decided to give it a try and ordered the Hello Fresh box. The package arrived Monday evening and contained food for two persons for three days. On Tuesday, Kristina has a very busy schedule. I was pretty naive that day and I let Kristina know that I was going to be home early. That was a big mistake, as Kristina saw her chance to ask/order me to prepare a dish. She told me it shouldn´t take too long and that it is very easy. Yeah right….

Kristina je kupla Hello Fresh box. To je box od sestavine. En dan, Kristina nima časa za kuhati in jas sem rekel da imam dosti čas. Velika napaka… Sigurno, Kristina me vprašas da jaz kuhat zvečer in da je lahek in ne bo dosti čas. Ja, sigurno…

After I was mentally prepared to start cooking, I thought about Kristina˙s blog. By now, I have seen her many times taking step-by-step pictures of her cooking and writing a blog post about it. To me, that also looked pretty easy, and I wanted to prove that I can also do that.
I had the option to choose between three recipes. The first one was a lasagna and required the use of an oven. I immediately cancelled that one. The second one was a dish with fish that you had to steam. I had no idea how you steam fish, so I skipped that one as well. My final option was a dish with sauerkraut, potatos and meat. I was convinced that I could pull this one off. The original recipe can be found here (in Dutch).

20151124_183021_resized 20151124_182055_resized
Sem videl dostikrat da Kristina slikat medtem kuhati in mislim da to tudi ne lahek.  Jaz bom tudi narediti to.
Imam tri možni recepti. En je od pečica, ne morem. En je od riba, ne morem tudi. Tretji je od krompir, kislo zelje in meso. Sem sigurno da jaz bo delati to! Recept je tukaj (Nizozemsko).

I started with the first step: take out all the ingredients. I took a while because Kristina had already put them away and I had no idea where. After a small 20 minutes, I finished my quest.
Next, I started to peel the potatoes. I have performed that task already several times, so I managed without incidents. Next, I had to peel an apple and slice it into tiny pieces. No big deal. Then I had to boil the potatos and also cook the sausages.

20151124_181050_resized 20151124_180832_resized 20151124_181354_resized
According to the recipe, I had to cook them in olive oil. I have little experience with that, as I always use butter. I have poured the, to me, right amount of olive oil, but in the end I was more frying the sausages than baking. The sauerkraut was the easy part, as it just had to drain for a while. The finishing touch were some squashed wallnuts and cinnamon. To me, it was a very easy dish and it only took a small two hours. To Kristina, it was ok.

Enjoy the goodies! L.

Kristina je pospravila sestavine. Po 20 minut, sem videl vse. Krompir ni problem za me, naredim to dostikrat. Jabolko tudi ni problem. Za meso, potrebujem olivno olje. Normalno, uporabim puter. Mislim da bolj cvrem meso kot pečem. Kislo zelje bil lahek, zato kislo zelje bil samo odteče. Na konec, potrebujem orehe in cimet. Za me, to je res lahek in kuhat samo dve ure. Kristina me rekla da hrana je ok.

Uživajte v dobrotah! L.




  1. That’s my boy – Schitterend

  2. What a great idea to have healthy food in the house!
    Love your previous post about the Peaberry coffee bar.

    1. It is quite handy, especially if you don’t have time to do the groceries. Thanks 🙂

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