Speculoos (gingerbread) cashew butter

I’ve been hooked on Speculoos pasta, since the first spoon I tried. For those of you in the English speaking world, Speculoos pasta is Biscoff spread. I especially like the crunchy version, I love to put it in my oatmeal, milk rice or greek yogurt. Oh, and I love the chocolate one, which I recently can’t find anymore in my local supermarket and that is making me very sad, this one is delicious on crêpes. For those that never tried it (oh, you guys don’t know what you’re missing) Speculoos pasta is a cookie butter, which are ground cookies with some extra fat added to make it spreadable. Obviously not healthy at all and should be portioned out when eaten. Should be, but we all know that nobody really does it. I did try, but 18 g of it is a really tiny amount.  Continue reading “Speculoos (gingerbread) cashew butter”

Canned tomato sauce

As I mentioned in my previous post, my father grows delicious tomatoes. There are too many to eat, so every year we turn the excess in tomato sauce. Tomato sauce is one of the 5 mother sauces of classical French cooking, and rightly so. I think it should have a category of its own, the grandmother sauce. I can’t imagine my cooking without it. It goes into or onto everything, from pasta to pizza, from soups to stews. Continue reading “Canned tomato sauce”