Apple and pear pie with pecan frangipane

The first time I ever made a pie, was for Laurens. A deep dish apple pie. Since then I made several and most of them were apple or pear pie variations. I think these two fruits are perfect for a pie, pie is a humble dessert and so are apples and pears. I’ve never been a big fan of pies, I found them boring, but lately I’m becoming a big fan, especially of the buttery and flaky crust. Continue reading “Apple and pear pie with pecan frangipane”

Apple and marzipan galette

If there is one advantage of short autumn (and winter) days, it is that they force you to get in the cosy mode earlier in the day. And when I’m in the cosy mode I always feel like baking something. There is something comforting in the smell of fresh baked goodies. And eating them is comforting as well. Continue reading “Apple and marzipan galette”

Persimmon (kaki) cake with white chocolate truffle frosting

So persimmons (sounds like some mythological creature, right?). I only recently found out how this fruit is called in English, I always knew them as “kaki”. Kaki is quite popular where I come from, there is even a yearly kaki festival in a town 10 min away from my home. I grew up with them, I was forced to eat them every autumn when my mother brought them home, I didn’t like them so much, they were too sweet for my taste and mushy (we had the soft variety, the one that is like a jelly). I still don’t like those that much. Continue reading “Persimmon (kaki) cake with white chocolate truffle frosting”

Brownie truffle graveyard cake for Halloween

So after I made this spider web cake for Laurens, I had to think about something to bring to a Halloween lunch at my work. We are working in a perfect Halloween party location, our building spooks us every single day, especially when you get trapped in the elevator (well since a month ago they are officially not safe to use anymore). We are preparing for the move in a brand new building (with hopefully functional elevators) and some of the groups have already moved. One of them was the pathology department and the floor where they resided is now deserted. There are some fun people at my work and they had this brilliant idea to organize a Halloween lunch in one of those rooms.  Continue reading “Brownie truffle graveyard cake for Halloween”

Spider web cake for Halloween

Halloween is not something I knew since I was little. It’s not traditional here, but in the last years it became quite popular. I never was a fan, I’m all about tradition and adapting some foreign holidays just because the stores and popular culture dictates me to do so, is not something I am fond of. I do like one aspect of Halloween though, the creative food decorations.  Continue reading “Spider web cake for Halloween”

Nona’s strudel

Yesterday would be my grandmother’s birthday. She was the best grandmother anyone could think of, she would do anything for you and she put everybody else’s needs before her own. But she is not here anymore, she was taken away from us, out of the blue a year and a half ago. The memories are still here though and always will be. My grandmother was good in a lot of things, among others she was a great cook, but if you would ask her, nothing was ever good enough, aways striving for perfection.  Continue reading “Nona’s strudel”

Fruit tartlets with chocolate crust

Recently I got my hands on the Ratio, a book by Michael Ruhlman. It’s a recipe book, but not quite so. It explains the ratios of ingredients in diferent dishes like in baking or when making sauces. It’s a great book to learn the basic and it’s perfect for those who want to know how to bake something without a written recipe. I wanted some practice in making something new without scanning different recipes for ideas. A couple of weeks ago I bought mini tart tins and I wanted to put those in good use. I decided to make fruit tartlets, but to make it special, I wanted them with chocolate crust. Continue reading “Fruit tartlets with chocolate crust”

A merveilleux for my merveilleux

On Saturday it was our anniversary, I can’t believe it’s been already 4 years. On one way it feels like we know each other for a lifetime, on the other it feels like this 4 years have passed in a flash. I guess that is a good sign, time flies when you are having a great time.  Continue reading “A merveilleux for my merveilleux”

Emperor’s mess

Emperor’s mess, it sounds quite glorious, you would expect some elaborate dish, but it is not. It is, as the second part of the name states, a mess. It’s basically a pancake torn in pieces and then sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with jam or fruit sauce (I like to eat it with Nutella as well). This is one of those things they serve as dessert in schools as it can be quite healthy if you don’t overload it with sugar and everybody likes it. Continue reading “Emperor’s mess”