Happy birthday to me! And a brownie cake with chocolate truffle frosting, caramel sauce and almond praline.

On Saturday it was my birthday, it’s the day when I have a right to my own cake, which, since I don’t live at home anymore and thus away from another potential cake maker – my mother, have to make myself. That is OK though, it’s an activity I like (if everything goes as planned) and always results in something good. This year I wanted something extra chocolatey so I went for a cake with brownie bottom, white chocolate and milk chocolate truffle cream and, and, and caramel sauce in between layers. Oh and there is also almond praline hidden in there. Don’t judge me – it was my birthday and I can eat whatever I want.  Continue reading “Happy birthday to me! And a brownie cake with chocolate truffle frosting, caramel sauce and almond praline.”

Chocolate cake with cream puffs

How was your Christmas? I hope it was filled with good food and spent with people you love the most. This year I was the dessert maker for Christmas dinner and lunch. I took the job very seriously and here I am showing you one of the two cakes. I know I am a bit late for posting Christmas desserts, but since this cake can be made for other occasions as well, the delay is not a big deal. If you are still looking for a nice dessert for New Year’s Eve for example, this would work great. Continue reading “Chocolate cake with cream puffs”

A merveilleux for my merveilleux

On Saturday it was our anniversary, I can’t believe it’s been already 4 years. On one way it feels like we know each other for a lifetime, on the other it feels like this 4 years have passed in a flash. I guess that is a good sign, time flies when you are having a great time.  Continue reading “A merveilleux for my merveilleux”

My mother’s tiramisu

tira prvaIt was raining today. So sadly my beach time for today had to be canceled. It was one of those days, that make you want to curl up in the bed or on the couch and watch something. But being lazy is not really what I wanted to do today, so I needed a little pick me up. Luckily rainy days are perfect for some kitchen dancing and I decided to make my mother’s tiramisu. Tiramisu – literally meaning, ‚Äúpick me up” was just what I needed. This dessert has its origin in a city not far from my home town. Although many people say it originated in Treviso (a city near Venice) in a restaurant called Le Beccherie, where its birth would be around 1970, tiramisu was created 20 years earlier near Trieste, by a partisan cook. The name has a story on its own, well several stories. One of them suggests that the dessert was created for a midnight snack for the ladies of the night, they needed something to keep them going until the morning and the cook whipped this coffee-infused dessert. Some others suggest that it was developed during WWII as a dish made for men to bring with them when sent off to war, to give them more energy. Continue reading “My mother’s tiramisu”