Raisin bread devils for Saint Nicolas

It’s finally here, Saint Nicolas’ day. I don’t know about your place, but here children get presents on the 6th of December. In Slovenia we put a plate the evening before and in the morning there are presents, some fruit and nuts and of course candy. St. Nicolas comes with angels and devils and if you’re not a good girl/boy, you get coal instead of presents and a willow branch, as a warning (it’s meant for spanking). Continue reading “Raisin bread devils for Saint Nicolas”

Emperor’s mess

Emperor’s mess, it sounds quite glorious, you would expect some elaborate dish, but it is not. It is, as the second part of the name states, a mess. It’s basically a pancake torn in pieces and then sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with jam or fruit sauce (I like to eat it with Nutella as well). This is one of those things they serve as dessert in schools as it can be quite healthy if you don’t overload it with sugar and everybody likes it. Continue reading “Emperor’s mess”

Greek yogurt pancakes

Monday mornings, nobody likes them. I read a quote somewhere saying that they are like the person that shows up at your party uninvited, you go along with it, but you definitely don’t like it. What I like though are little traditions, they are something you look forward to, little moments you created because they make you feel good, totally the opposite from a Monday morning. A couple of months ago, my boyfriend and I started a new tradition that would make these days a bit more pleasant. Well to be honest, I started it and he just has to accept it. Continue reading “Greek yogurt pancakes”