Foodtruck boulevard

It’s been a while since I went to a “food event”, but spring is here and with it comes the new season of food festivals, barbecues and other little life’s pleasures, like sitting outside with a nice glass of wine (or whatever floats your boat) and enjoying the sun. On Sunday there was a small foodtruck festival 5 min away from our place so we decided to check it out. It was located on the garden in front of a small “castle” (more like a big fancy house) and there were about 20 food trucks all together.  Continue reading “Foodtruck boulevard”

Kookeet 2015

Yesterday I went to yet another food festival. They are all tactically organised in September. The summer, and with it bikini season, is over and everybody starts to eat a bit more again. This one was called Kookeet, which means cook-eat in Dutch, and was organized for the fifth time this year. It was an event where 30 top chefs from Bruges presented their creations to the general public for, as their website states, democratic prices.  Continue reading “Kookeet 2015”

Eat! Brussels, drink! Bordeaux

This past weekend I went to Brussels restaurants festival – eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX. This was an event where a wide variety of Brussels restaurants came together in one place and joined forces with wine makers of Bordeaux region, so that the visitors had a chance to try some good food and wine. The weather sucked, at least on the day that I went, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
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KERK Food Festival

Last week Laurens and I visited the 4th KERK Food Truck Festival. This was a small food truck festival, that was organized in a former factory building, currently in hands of a KERK initiative. They organise a lot of workshops, exhibitions, flea markets and other events, if you are interested you can get more info on their website (in Dutch).

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